Why the Maxwell Drummond Brand?

The Maxwell Drummond brand is a strong brand that is known by many. Maxwell Drummond was up there in the competitor’s group, whilst its offering was unique it wasn’t boutique.

We wanted to prove the model of our concept and our approach. When the idea was brought to one of our Directors Lynn Carter, she was excited about the approach because it was something different.

Our approach was a key factor in this decision to revitalise Maxwell Drummond. It is very difficult to do something contrasting or use a different approach within a service-based industry that has been around for so long. But now, we are offering a new service.

The value that people see in our process is vast. Clients and candidates are asking for so much more from a brand now, people want to see something unique.

Candidates that have stayed in jobs - which is what we look at – are less likely to look at moving. So, their experience to us is just as important as the clients.

We wanted to do something that felt right for us in terms of this marketplace, we wanted to work with people in a certain way. Work with them under a certain set of values and using an approach that felt right to us.

The key things that were found is that the brand opens the door. Now more than ever, clients really are choosing who they work with.

There’s got to be something behind it! It’s not just about price, it’s about value, delivery and what differentiates you from someone else.

From a candidate perspective, they need to be really sure that’s it’s the right fit!

With our team as well, this is something that our team have said for a long time is “we choose who we work with.”

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