What Makes Maxwell Drummond Different?

Apart from the hundreds of years’ experience we have got between us(ha-ha) … It’s difficult sometimes to condense all of that into what makes it really work.

It’s good sometimes when you’re speaking with someone and you think, what we are doing is working!

It is also perspective, because people must go through a process, and they are being challenged. We have had it a couple of times whilst doing searches. People think they are one thing and through our process there is a realisation they are not what they think they are.

When this happens, they then withdraw from the process. Being able to discuss with the client about the success criteria created alongside what the candidates think they are and how the process showed them that they were not a correct fit for that specific role.

This enables us to find the right candidates that suit our client’s personal success criteria.

The real transferable skills are the ones that reveal through success criteria. Sometimes these skills are not talked about enough, whether it is leadership, commercial acumen etc.

This is due to candidates seeing themselves as one specific thing. This then leads them not to realise how much more there is to the skills they have developed through their career.

It is tougher now to really reveal what differentiates people, the information that is needed is out there. It can be accessed through CV’s, Social Media, everything is now online.

Taking the time and getting behind all of that and trying to reveal something with much more substance is what we are trying to do.

Unlike any other vehicle we have used previously in and around this industry, for all directors in their experience. It’s not just for us that it feels different. Clients see it in terms of the diligence, the output and their involvement in the process.

The candidates feel it even when people haven’t been placed, they feel the control throughout, the service, the interaction and they have felt it has been valuable for themselves.

From a candidate’s point of view, it makes them think…what is my value-added proposition?

Both clients and candidates talk about how it felt working alongside Maxwell Drummond. It’s not transactional anymore – that’s where there is a real paradigm shift.

If we are able to influence to that level of just not a job change but a career change – the impact that has on people’s life in general and everything that surrounds that.


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