The Digital Era of Executive Search

The route technology has taken over the last 15 years is nothing that could have been predicted. The speed that things are changing, it’s almost impossible to keep up!

Technology evolving in Executive Search has brought not only opportunity, but it has made a significant change in the industry.

It has changed the way companies carry out their processes using features such as Technological Talent Assessments or being able to Reach Talent that before wouldn’t have been possible.

Transitioning from traditional to technological

All technologies and processes are now more easily accessible. This creates more competition for the industry.

One thing that will never be replaced within Executive Search is face-to-face relationship and networking. According to Virgin 100% of people say face-to-face meetings are essential for long term relationships within business. If companies let the digital side of their business consume them this will leave them with questionable relationships, so, mastering both is key.

Reputation Management

Developing your Employer Brand – values, ethos, image – will help support in making you stand out in these evolutionary digital times. 80% of HR leaders claim that Employer Branding has a significant impact on a company’s ability to attract talent.

People now are dedicated to understanding the transparency of companies they are working with in order to work with similar minded individuals 70%of consumers will avoid buying a product if they don’t like the company behind it

Process and Procedures

Now, with new technology everything can be done at faster pace, but this doesn’t mean that quality of service should be forgotten about.

83% of candidates say it would greatly improve the overall experience if employers provided a clear timeline of the hiring process. At Maxwell Drummond we outline our process at the beginning – check it out our process diagram on Our Services page.

Processes are now more reliable with their being more opportunity for companies to access a larger candidate database and build larger networks. Therefore, always finding the best talent for their clients. Tools like LinkedIn support this with the site having 260 million monthly active users.

Overall, the digital era is here and is bringing positive change to the executive search industry. Both candidates and clients are experiencing better services, closer relationships with companies and a larger scale search to find the right candidate.

Who knows what the next 15 years will bring?

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