Testimonial: Private Investment Firm

“One of the key messages was that as well as an extensive network, Maxwell Drummond had the ability to find and attract hard to reach talent. This was visible when working on a difficult but extremely important board appointment when they brought forward a short list of exceptional individuals unknown to myself and my colleagues.”

Our framework fits around the Success Criteria™ chosen to fit your business in order to give access to and deliver the very best, hard-to-reach talent. We carried out an extensive search in order to provide our client with talent that matches the company’s tailored Success Criteria™.

“Taking a brief is relatively simple...providing effective advice is less so. The latter is what we experienced with a positive outcome for all.”

Challenging our clients, we give them an opportunity to discover what their team really needs in order to succeed. Resulting in finding a key appointment who fits seamlessly into their organisations culture.

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