Testimonial: Market Leading SME

“Maxwell Drummond approach and Craig's commitment has saved our business time and money and mitigated against the risk of getting this appointment wrong. I can hand on heart say this is the most confident I have been about employing a business development manager.” – CEO A Business Development Manager is a very important role in a company and finding someone to fill this role can prove challenging and be a daunting task to someone who hasn’t got the experience or time. We want people to feel confident that when they come to use the services that Maxwell Drummond offer that we will successfully fill their positions and this is exactly what was done. The client walked away knowing the right person had been selected for the position and that their business would definitely benefit from this key appointment. “Working with Maxwell Drummond throughout this process has shown me how effective their approach is. Spending time defining what success looks like both for the business and for the key appointment I was recruiting for, really helped shape the role. Add that to the focus on establishing and ensuring the successful candidate was the right fit for my business, it has already produced tangible results.” – CEO Defining what success looks like to our clients is important to us and we can do this by taking them through our Success Criteria. We want to understand from all those involved what success means to them and how we can produce results to show this. Once the position has been filled we don’t just step away, as we know there is still a lot to be done to ensure a smooth transition into a new role for both the candidate and the client. The candidate is followed up and supported in the position with the final invoice not being sent out to the client until the first 3 months of the job have been completed.

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