Testimonial: Global Oil Field Service Company

“Creating a new approach in the world of recruitment is a difficult thing, it is clear that Maxwell Drummond's approach is innovative and, importantly, highly successful in finding people tailored to our needs.” What is our new approach to search? Here at Maxwell Drummond we stand out in the market as we have a unique new approach to search. Why put up with old systems and processes when you can join us in creating a new way of filling positions based around Success. Success to us is identifying and connecting the right person for our client through success criteria. We have created a unique shared risk model and approach. Listening to what the market is asking for, our model is based around fixed costs, shared accountability and success. Rather than working to a set idea or position specification, we invest time up front to understand your culture, team and Success Criteria™ to scope the project and ensure we find the right person every time and that’s guaranteed! “We have worked with Maxwell Drummond on a number of key appointments over the past few months. Their approach in terms of process and the use of Success Criteria specific to the role and the candidate has been a step-change, enabling us to focus on candidate characteristics and experience that really matter for our business.” Unlike other companies in our industry we don’t just have a system full of names set up that we choose our candidates from. After discussing with our clients face to face to find out exactly what their needs are our team set out on a bespoke search making sure we select the best high performing talent for them. Our three business services are combined off Executive Search, Talent Solutions and Talent development. You’ll know when you meet us.

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