Global Energy Executive Summary – Asia Pacific

The industry will be reviewed on progression, concerns and potential opportunities.

Asia Pacific It has been reviewed that there is opportunity across the Asia Pacific region. New projects are gradually coming through the FEED stages in other regions of APAC and hiring is increasing.

It may have an impact that skills within this area are not readily available due to the industries skills shortage. Business within South Korea remains quieter in comparison to their competitors in South Asia with China not picking yet after the previous downturn.

Employers are discovering that existing supply chains are struggling with the skills shortage. Ensuring talent is found for all projects as well as reviewed pay rates are one way that the industry is tackling the skills shortage.


Upstream areas that are due to advance include Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand – although Indonesia, japan, Vietnam and Australia are similarly gathering places.

The Asia Pacific markets have risen this week due to the changed attitudes of investors from the U.S and China are negotiations that are currently being made.

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