Global Energy Executive Summary - Americas

The gulf activity that features in this area means for exciting times in 2019. New projects such as GCGV and Golden Pass LNG obtained FID this year.

Having their specialist onshore Oil & Gas division allows them to continue strategic positioning ensuring a certain level of skill is being delivered. This is needed for onshore shale operators and their projects across the U.S

Affordable natural gas supplies have renovated America’s chemical industry from the world’s highest-cost producer 5 years ago, to amongst the lowest-cost produce.


The number of accomplished, started and potential chemical industry projects as of Sep 2018 are expected to create $200BN+ of new capital investments, producing over 400,000 jobs.

Canada has also witnessed premature signs of returning growth with a large new build LNG plant in British Columbia and forthcoming development of a new petrochemical plant in Alberta. On the 18th of October Pieridae Energy moved closer to building the LNG terminal on Canadas East Coast.

Mexico continues to be an area of investment, alongside Guyana due to the involvement of ongoing development of the Liza field which is due to start production the beginning of next year.

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