Bridging the skills Gap to Executive Level


Have you noticed a growing skills gap between the advancement of your company and the development of your staff?

A skills gap… existing as the current skill level of your staff does not match the future needs of your business.

Moving your company forward without creating time for your people will always be unprofitable.

According to a 2018 survey carried out by the Association for Talent development, 83% of respondents believe a skills gap exists within their company. Is this enough to show the issue isn’t being addressed? Specifically, nearly 50% of those who took part in the same survey stated they expect a gap of leadership or executive-level skills in the future of their business.

By 2030 the baby boomers will be retired, leaving your industry and taking their knowledge with them. That’s only 10 years away!!

This leaves a small window of opportunity for skills to be passed on.

Soon there will be new employees moving into executive level roles in your business, do you feel they are prepared for the challenge?

If not…

Consider how you can fill that gap by building a bridge to Executive Level.

When offering support to help develop your employees make it personal… If they know you are doing this to support their development, they will be more willing to take part. Who wouldn’t want to take time to build and develop themselves?

Skills can be advanced through regular reviews, team building and encouraging development in and outside the workplace. Training can be carried out for every level in your business from entrance level to decision makers at the top.

Your employee’s willingness to build their skills through training is based upon the sense of worth they experience when in their work environment. The more valued they feel in the company the more likely they will be to develop their skills to support your business evolution.

Giving support to all levels in your team provides more opportunity to bridge the gap to executive level therefore there will be less of a jump when your employees are looking to progress in their careers. This will lead to an upsurge in the skills of your employees but also more motivation within your work environment.

Preparing for the future of your business and the future of your employees comes hand in hand and if they are developed simultaneously, you will positively bridge any skills gap within your business.

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