Blending Your Brand and Culture

It was once said that branding was about giving your product a first-class ticket through life...

Today that first class ticket requires more than having a good-looking logo that matches your alliterated brand slogan and corporate colours that were created to entice your customers.

Like everything does, it has become more complicated.

The trick is fusing it all together, portraying all the aspects of your business through the culture you promote, internally and externally.

Businesses and consumers attitudes are changing alongside the development of technology and this must always be considered.

Your company must have more depth, drive and determination that can be shown through your promotion. How else are you supposed to stand out in the market?

The age of transparency has arrived.

But, what does ‘transparency’ mean for your brand?

People want to see more than words on a wall. Why not take this as an opportunity to show them what’s inside your business.

The ins and outs, the triple threat of Culture, Purpose and Branding. Capture each of these and the people you want to attract will flow through the door to see your freshly built brand.

When becoming transparent these are the areas you need to focus on. Your purpose should be obvious, your business should be open, and your environment should be welcoming, blending together to create a strong brand.

Your external brand isn’t shaped by you, it’s shaped by other’s opinions and perceptions. Use your well-developed internal culture to support your external reputation.

Blending all aspects together, creating somewhere people longing to work.

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