A Simple Solution: Hiring Sales and Business Development in the Oil & Gas industry


Throwback to 2014, the beginning of the downturn; a time for companies to start standing out from their competitors and become more adaptable, as it was no longer just a quick pitch over coffee to make a sale anymore.

Because it wasn’t just about making the sale anymore; it was about understanding your customers and building long term relationships.

Time has moved on, there is now more to sales than meets the eye…

Business Development is now about the science of acquiring new business and Sales is the execution of generating revenue through either new business or old business.

Sales involves seeking out the decision maker and promoting the value of what you have to offer to them. Business Development focuses on strategy, relationship management gaining new customers to support further development. The cornerstone of your business growth is Business Development - focusing on strategy, relationship management and gaining the right opportunities that lead to potential new customers.

Sales involves seeking out the decision maker and promoting the value of your offer in a way that creates revenue.

If you know the Oil & Gas industry you will understand how crucial building relationships are and that is why it’s paramount you have the correct Sales or BD employee working as part of your team.

Why is it so difficult to hire Sales or Business Development into your team?

Many companies are reluctant to make change to their structure, they also lack clarity on what they need. Maybe they’re recruiting for a position that isn’t right for their business. Then if said company rushes to fill that position, they may be building their team in the wrong way.

Firstly, avoiding change.

If your company lacks innovation it will be left behind. Investing in the planning and creating of new positions that support growth, is vital. Without new and exciting sales roles, you will not attract the talent you need.

Secondly, if you have decided to create these positions, you need to be able to differentiate and define what will bring you success.

Knowing the difference between roles is essential so you can have the correct people doing the correct jobs.

As crucial as it is for the company to know what brings them success, it is also important for you to know what you can bring. Do you know exactly what your personal and work-related strengths are and are you currently working in a field that’s suits them?

So, work hard on this because…

This clarity will enable potential applicants to identify what exactly it is that they can bring to the role to support your success.

Don’t assume it is just product knowledge, for instance. According to The New Sales DNA Report 2018 46% said personality was the most important criteria in hiring a new salesperson for their business

Finally, don’t rush…

According to a 2016 study by ClearSlide and CSO Insights 71% of companies take 6 months or longer if they want to onboard a new sales representative.

So, don’t dash and make a bad hire as it is time wasted and damages development opportunities.

Our Solution…

Using our SUCCESS CRITERIA™, we work alongside you to define exactly what success means to you for each sales appointment. Applicants are then challenged to match their achievements, abilities and behaviours against these to reveal how well they are able to support your needs.

Also using Sales related psychometric profiling, we can determine if the candidate fits into your business and team culture.

This combination enables us to guarantee success

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